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10 tips for using videos with your students


Education is undergoing a digital transformation and recent years have seen an explosion of excellent educational video content. 

When used effectively, well chosen videos can play a central role within engaging and impactful history lessons.

Here are 10 tips for maximising the use of videos in your classroom.

1. Keep it short

Playing a short, captivating video at the start of class acts as a great ‘hook’ and will fire up students’ curiosity.

Starter videos should be engaging, clearly focused on your lesson’s learning objectives and, ideally, no longer than seven minutes.

2. Context is key

Before playing the video, introduce the bigger picture. This will ensure students have a point of reference for the information and engage more effectively with the information presented.

3. Pose a question

Ask a key enquiry question for your students to think about when watching the video. This will encourage your students to actively apply judgement as they watch the video.

Our Teacher Packs provide teacher guidance, activity sheets and answer banks with ready-made lesson ideas focused on key enquiry questions.

4. Find the right fit

Use videos with a tone, pace and sensibility that will engage and stimulate your students.

5. Spark debate

Videos that present competing arguments lend themselves naturally to debate. Students can be tasked with representing a particular argument or representing a specific character’s point of view.

This is a great way to build historical empathy and drive deeper learning.

6. Make ’em laugh

American writer, Alfred Mercier, said, “What we learn with pleasure, we never forget”, and this is particularly true for younger audiences.

Using videos that are humorous will make your lessons more accessible, boost engagement, and increase memory recall.

7. Check your tech

There is nothing more frustrating than forgetting a password, wrestling with wires, or struggling with a dodgy internet connection – especially in front of an audience with a short attention span!

Be sure to test-run your tech before the lesson.

8. Flip the learning

Set videos as homework so students come to class better prepared having had time to explore the topic first. Our Class Plus memberships are a great way to give your students full access to our online lessons and review students’ progress.

9. Challenge your students

The same video can be used with a variety of ages and abilities by varying the tasks that accompany the video. Our activity sheets are a great way to do this.

10. Boost revision

Captivating short-form educational videos are perfectly suited as revision aids. They are a great way to reinforce key points and can boost memory recall.

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