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Common Questions

What is the best way to use the videos?
Each short video (5 mins approx.) has been designed to introduce students to syllabus-based content in a way that will increase student engagement, understanding and memory recall. Our videos are ideally suited for use in the classroom or for revision.
What is the purpose of the Activity Sheets?
Our original Activity Sheets contain specific activities to accompany each video and take around 20 minutes for students to complete. All Activity Sheets are available as downloadable PDF documents.
What support do you provide for teachers?
Each video is supported with detailed Teachers' Notes with useful information and ideas on how to best utilise our resources. A table is also included to demonstrate how each video and Activity Sheet aligns with Ofsted's criteria for excellent history teaching.
What age group are History Bombs Teachers' Resources aimed at?
Our videos are ideally suited to Key Stage 3 (11 - 14 year olds) however a number of our videos are very well suited for children up 16 years old and cover elements of the GCSE syllabus.
Are you going to make more videos?
Yes! We are going to continually increase the amount of content available on our website to enhance our value offering.
Can I offer ideas for new videos?
We are always delighted to hear from teachers with ideas for new videos. Please email to discuss with a member of our team.
Want to get in touch?
If you have a question for us, please email