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1. World War One

Topic overview

1.1 World War One (in One Take)

A highly engaging overview of World War One in six minutes!

Run time: 05:27 Free lesson


1.2 Whose Fault Was It?

We interview Europe’s leaders on the eve of war to explore the underlying tensions and rivalries.

Run time: 06:46 Members only


1.3 The Slide To War

A fast-paced newscast charting the order and speed of events leading to the outbreak of war.

Run time: 01:54 Members only


1.4 Why Did Men Sign Up?

Was it just for ‘King and Country’? We explore why men were motivated to sign up, and why they kept fighting.

Run time: 04:21 Members only


1.5 Battle Of The Somme

General Sir Douglas Haig is in the spotlight to defend his strategy on the ill-fated first day of the Somme.

Run time: 04:21 Members only


1.6 Weapons In The Trenches

Our panel of judges consider which weapons would be most effective on the Western Front.

Run time: 06:07 Members only


1.7.1 Dulce Et Decorum Est

Explore the harsh realities of war with this iconic poem by Wilfred Owen

Run time: 01:17 Members only


1.7.2 The Soldier

Rupert Brooke delivers a more optimistic view on the soldiers' experience

Run time: 02:47 Members only

2. World War Two

Topic overview

2.1 World War Two (In One Take)

A highly engaging overview of World War Two in seven minutes!

Run time: 07:00 Free lesson


2.2 Was Appeasement Right?

Neville Chamberlain defends his policy of appeasement towards Hitler in a cabinet debate.

Run time: 03:24 Members only


2.3 Life On The Home Front

Visit London during the Blitz to see how life changed during the dangerous wartime years.

Run time: 05:13 Members only


2.4 Who Really Defeated Germany?

Great Britain, the USA, and the Soviet Union stake their claim as the most significant ally.

Run time: 07:01 Members only


2.5 Atomic Bomb Debate

Truman defends his decision to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki against competing opinions.

Run time: 02:46 Members only

3. Industrial Revolution

Topic overview

3.1 Industrial Revolution (In One Take)

From agriculture to industry, meet the pioneers who transformed Britain's economy and society.

Run time: 05:54 Members only


3.2 Did Everyone Benefit?

Explore the impact of industrialisation on Britain's emerging class system.

Run time: 04:59 Members only


3.3 Slavery Abolition Debate

William Wilberforce, Thomas Clarkson and Olaudah Equiano stake their claim for bringing about the abolition of slavery.

Run time: 06:37 Members only


3.4 Why Did So Many Protest?

From the Luddites to the Suffragettes, we meet the protesters who made their voices heard in dangerous times.

Run time: 06:22 Members only


3.5 Britain's Booming Empire

We explore the rise of the British Empire and consider how it was able to grow so quickly.

Run time: 03:50 Members only

4. 20th Century

Topic overview

4.1 20th Century (In One Take)

Navigate the highs and lows of the 20th century in this exciting six minute video!

Run time: 05:45 Members only


4.2 Germany Under Hitler

Listen in on conversations amongst the German people to understand how Hitler was able to take power.

Run time: 05:16 Members only


4.3 Britain Loses Her Empire

Explore the reasons for the collapse of the British Empire in the 20th century.

Run time: 04:33 Members only


4.4 Cold War Tensions

Berlin ‘48, Cuba ‘62, or Vietnam? Which brought the world closest to another world war?

Run time: 09:18 Members only


4.5 History Of The Olympics

Explore the political, social and economic impact of the Olympic Games.

Run time: 05;22 Members only

5. Medieval

Topic overview

5.1 The Middle Ages (In One Take)

Take a fast-paced tour through medieval England, starting with the Battle of Hastings in 1066!

Run time: 06:21 Members only


5.2 The Peasants' Revolt

Did the effects of the Black Death help cause the Peasants' Revolt?

Run time: 02:43 Members only


5.3 Perfect Medieval King

A group of barons review the merits and pitfalls of previous monarchs with the help of a court jester.

Run time: 06:14 Members only


5.4 Medieval Castle Design

How will the panel of judges rate changing castle designs of the Middle Ages?

Run time: 06:06 Members only


5.5 The Medieval Church

Visit a village and meet the locals to understand why the church was so central to medieval life.

Run time: 06:28 Members only

6. Early Modern

Topic overview

6.1 Tudors and Stuarts (In One Take)

From Henry VIII to William of Orange, we provide an exciting tour through Britain’s most iconic dynasties in six minutes.

Run time: 06:40 Members only


6.2 The Reformation

The official religion of the country was changing repeatedly, but was the public really so quick to make radical changes?

Run time: 04:13 Members only


6.3 Execution Of Charles I

Can our troubled protagonist bring himself to sign Charles I's death warrant?

Run time: 05:03 Members only


6.4 Oliver Cromwell's Repution

Join our investigative team as they dig up the reputation of one of Britain's most controversial figures.

Run time: 05:41 Members only


6.5 The Witch Craze

This was the age of reason, so why did it also witness a rash of trials and executions for witchcraft?

Run time: 05:32 Members only

7. Cold War

Topic overview

7.1 The Cold War (in One Take)

Take a dynamic tour through the Cold War, from the Potsdam Agreement to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Run time: 07:06 Free lesson


7.2 Communism v Capitalism

Adam Smith and Karl Marx set up heated ideological debate between the USA and USSR.

Run time: 04:34 Members only


7.3 East and West Berlin

Our intrepid reporter meets local people on both sides of the Berlin Wall to find out what life was like in a divided city.

Run time: 05:03 Members only


7.4.1 Proxy Wars Pt. 1

The superpowers attempt to justify proxy wars from the Korean War to the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Run time: 05:13 Members only


7.4.2 Proxy Wars Pt. 2

The superpowers attempt to justify proxy wars from the Vietnam War to the Soviet-Afghan War.

Run time: 06:11 Members only


7.5 The Arms Race

With a little inspiration from West Side Story, we chart the nuclear arms race between the USA and USSR.

Run time: 03:14 Members only

8. The British Empire

Topic overview

8.1 The British Empire (In One Take)

Take a fascinating tour through the British Empire in just eight minutes!

Run time: 08:45 Free lesson


8.2 What motivated Britain's first colonists?

Meet the colonists and learn about their motives for exploring and exploiting around the world.

Run time: 04:25 Members only


8.3 How did the British Empire develop?

Meet those who resisted the rise of the British Empire in this engaging musical video.

Run time: 5:12 Members only


8.4 What does the Slave Compensation Act tell us about the British Empire?

Join our investigative team as they uncover the truth about the Slave Compensation Act in 1837.

Run time: 6:01 Members only


8.5 How did the British Empire dominate one fifth of the world?

British leaders go head-to-head with adversaries from across the expanding Empire.

Run time: 05:42 Members only


8.6 What is the legacy of the British Empire today?

Join Chris and Nelufar in London to explore the impact of the British Empire on our lives today.

Run time: 07:02 Members only