WW1 Weapons In The Trenches | KS3 History | History Bombs

1. World War One

1.6 Weapons In The Trenches

Lesson description

Just months into World War One, the fighting hit a stalemate and, to defend their occupied territory, both sides began to dig – trench warfare now dominated the western front. The Allies poured funds into the creation of new weaponry that could finally break the stalemate.

This lesson contains:

  • A technology tour of the new weaponry developed by the British to break the stalemate and win World War One, including the Vickers machine gun, mustard gas, and the tank.
  • An analysis of the effectiveness of each piece of weaponry from three perspectives: practicality in the trenches, military success, and production costs.
  • A detailed look at some of the key pieces of machinery and the damage they could cause in trench warfare.