Early Modern Oliver Cromwell's Reputation | KS3 History | History Bombs

6. Early Modern

6.4 Oliver Cromwell's Repution

Lesson description

Oliver Cromwell is possibly the most controversial figure in British history. People have had strong opinions about him throughout history – from the good, the bad, to the very ugly – meaning that his character is shrouded in mystery. Can our gang get to the bottom of it?

This lesson contains:

  • The chronology of Oliver Cromwell’s rise to power in the English Civil War, his actions in Ireland, and the demise of his reputation with the restoration of the monarchy in 1660.
  • The complexity of analysing Cromwell’s actions, amid such contrasting accounts, and exploring how historians have reached such different interpretations and conclusions.
  • An opportunity to practice valuable historical skills, such as analysing source materials for different biases and reliability, and considering the importance of historical context.