9.1 Anglo-Saxons (In One Take) - History Bombs

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9.1 Anglo-Saxons (In One Take)

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Lesson description

Get ready for nearly a thousand years of British history condensed into 7 minutes. This first lesson covers the A to Z of Anglo-Saxon history, looking at what led to the Anglo-Saxon invasion following the fall of the Romans, to King Æthelstan’s triumphant victory at the Battle of Brunanburh uniting England as one.

This lesson includes:

  • The full chronology of the Anglo-Saxon period, from the end of the Roman occupation up to the Battle of Hastings in 1066.
  • The everyday life of the Anglo-Saxons, their transition from paganism to Christianity, and how this shift influenced their art, language, and society.
  • The rise of powerful Saxon warlords, the establishment of kingdoms like Sussex and Kent, and the impact of legendary leaders like Alfred the Great and Æthlflæd.
  • Conflicts with Viking invaders, the creation of the Danelaw, and the eventual unification of England under leaders like Æthelstan.



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