9.3 What was Anglo-Saxon life like? - History Bombs

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9.3 What was Anglo-Saxon life like?

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Lesson description

This lesson looks at the development of towns and settlements in Anglo-Saxon Britain. We meet people from a variety of backgrounds to learn more about their daily work and lifestyles. We explore Anglo-Saxon beliefs, burial customs, crafts and notions of class through the lens of a funeral for someone very important.

This lesson includes: 

  • How towns like Ipswich grew and thrived through trade, becoming bustling centres of Anglo-Saxon life.
  • The various jobs and skills of the Anglo-Saxons, from pottery making to farming, and how these contributed to their community.
  • The religious beliefs of the Anglo-Saxons, including their transition from paganism to Christianity, and how this shaped their culture.
  • The roles and responsibilities within Anglo-Saxon society, including the importance of lords and the lives of ordinary people.

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