9.4 How did the Anglo Saxons rule? - History Bombs

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9.4 How did the Anglo Saxons rule?

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Towards the later part of Anglo-Saxon rule, Lords and Loafkeepers developed into Kings and Queens, ruling their ever changing and growing territories. We meet two of the most influential figures in Anglo-Saxon History: Alfred the Great and his daughter, Aethelflaed. This lesson explores the impact both rulers had during their reign, as well as their rocky relationship with the Vikings.

This lesson includes:

  • The leadership style of one of the most famous Anglo-Saxon rulers, Alfred the Great, and his impact on the governance of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms.
  • The conflicts between the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings, including key battles and strategies used to defend their lands.
  • How the Anglo-Saxons developed systems of law and taxation, which helped to maintain order and fund defence efforts.
  • The significant shift from paganism to Christianity among the Anglo-Saxons and how this influenced their laws, education, and societal norms.

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