9.5 How do we know about the Anglo-Saxons? - History Bombs

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9.5 How do we know about the Anglo-Saxons?

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Lesson description

This final lesson celebrates the contributions of 19th and 20th century archaeologists and historians towards our greater understanding of the Anglo-Saxons, bringing what was previously considered the dark ages well and truly into a new light. With the help of Basil Brown, Nina Frances Layard and Ipswich Museum we look at how objects from the past help us better understand history today.

This lesson includes:

  • An analysis of the historical process and how we have come to know about the Anglo-Saxons.
  • The most significant archeological finds at Sutton Hoo, and how such archaeological sites help us to piece together the lives of the Anglo-Saxons, from their burial customs to their craftsmanship. 
  • Meet key figures like Basil Brown and Nina Frances Layard, who significantly contributed to our understanding of the Anglo-Saxons, and the societal injustices that hindered their pursuit of uncovering the past.
  • An exploration of the different types of historical evidence, from text-based evidence such as epic poems, to material evidence, such as jewellery.

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