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World War Two

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Enjoy captivating video lesson exploring life on the home front, the roles of the allies, and the ethics of nuclear weapons.

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2.1 World War Two (In One Take)

A highly engaging overview of World War Two in seven minutes!

Run time: 07:00 Free lesson


2.2 Was Appeasement Right?

Neville Chamberlain defends his policy of appeasement towards Hitler in a cabinet debate.

Run time: 03:24 Members only


2.3 Life On The Home Front

Visit London during the Blitz to see how life changed during the dangerous wartime years.

Run time: 05:13 Members only


2.4 Who Really Defeated Germany?

Great Britain, the USA, and the Soviet Union stake their claim as the most significant ally.

Run time: 07:01 Members only


2.5 Atomic Bomb Debate

Truman defends his decision to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki against competing opinions.

Run time: 02:46 Members only

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