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World War One

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Explore fascinating aspects of World War One, with thought-provoking video lessons covering tactics, trenches and technology.

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Video Lessons


1.1 World War One (in One Take)

A highly engaging overview of World War One in six minutes!

Run time: 05:27 Free lesson


1.2 Whose Fault Was It?

We interview Europe’s leaders on the eve of war to explore the underlying tensions and rivalries.

Run time: 06:46 Members only


1.3 The Slide To War

A fast-paced newscast charting the order and speed of events leading to the outbreak of war.

Run time: 01:54 Members only


1.4 Why Did Men Sign Up?

Was it just for ‘King and Country’? We explore why men were motivated to sign up, and why they kept fighting.

Run time: 04:21 Members only


1.5 Battle Of The Somme

General Sir Douglas Haig is in the spotlight to defend his strategy on the ill-fated first day of the Somme.

Run time: 04:21 Members only


1.6 Weapons In The Trenches

Our panel of judges consider which weapons would be most effective on the Western Front.

Run time: 06:07 Members only


1.7.1 Dulce Et Decorum Est

Explore the harsh realities of war with this iconic poem by Wilfred Owen

Run time: 01:17 Members only


1.7.2 The Soldier

Rupert Brooke delivers a more optimistic view on the soldiers' experience

Run time: 02:47 Members only

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