Rapping on Brick Lane!

January 19, 2017
Chris Hobbs
Founder, History Bombs

Last night I fulfilled the ambition of any aspiring East London hip-hop artist; I rapped for 400 people on Brick Lane! I very nearly plucked up the courage to do an Obama-style 'mic drop' too.

As opposed to being scouted by a music promoter with a niche focus on white, middle-class hip-hop, the opportunity arose as History Bombs was selected as one of 20 finalists to pitch at the prestigious MassChallenge Awards 2016.

Given one-minute to pitch History Bombs to a crowded room of influential business people, I thought I'd deliver the type of performance History Bombs is known for. Thankfully I remembered my 'flow' and the performance sparked some interesting conversations on the night, which was great.

Out of 1,300 applicants, History Bombs was selected as one of 20 finalists by MassChallenge UK, a Boston-founded accelerator which champions 'high impact' start-ups and offers equity-free cash prizes, mentorship and office space to 100 start-ups in London each year.

It was a real privilege to present alongside some of the most exciting start-ups in the UK, tackling global problems in fields from bioscience to agriculture, with technological developments that could genuinely 'change the world'!

History Bombs was awarded a Silver Award, which was fantastic!

The big winners on the night (taking home the equity-free cash prizes) were;

White Labs: Developing a device to monitor allergen levels in the home and office for the millions of people who suffer with Asthma.

Entocycle: Fascinating solution to feed animals in an eco-friendly way, based upon growing vast numbers of Black Soldier Flies, fed upon supermarket waste!

WeTrack: Project Management software for large events, who have secured clients including Expo 2020 in Dubai.

All VERY worthy winners! We're delighted to have benefitted from the MassChallenge network and we've met some fascinating mentors who have challenged us to think more clearly about the business plan and growth that will ultimately make History Bombs an essential history resource for schools.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us on this project, especially our investors, advisers, cast and crew.

Bring on the next chapter! Whatever happens, at least I can say I've broken some ground for middle-class, white guys on the East London rap scene!

Bombs away!


Chris Hobbs & Claire O'Brien, History Bombs Co-founders at the MassChallenge UK Awards 2016

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