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British Empire

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8.1 The British Empire (In One Take)

Take a fascinating tour through the British Empire in just eight minutes!

Run time: 08:51


8.2 What motivated Britain’s first colonists? 

Meet the colonists and learn about their motives for exploring and exploiting around the world.

Run time: 10:13


8.3 How did the British Empire develop?

Meet those who resisted the rise of the British Empire in this engaging musical video.

Run time: 06:17


8.4 What does the Slave Compensation Act tell us about the British Empire?

Join our investigative team as they uncover the truth about the Slave Compensation Act in 1837.

Run time: 06:47


8.5 How did the British Empire dominate one fifth of the world?

British leaders go head-to-head with adversaries from across the expanding Empire.

Run time: 06:42


8.6 What is the legacy of the British Empire today?

Join Chris and Nelufar in London to explore the impact of the British Empire on our lives today.

Run time: 09:26