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World War One

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Video Lessons


1.1 World War One (In One Take)

A highly engaging overview of World War One in six minutes!

Run time: 05:27


1.2 Whose Fault Was It?

We interview Europe’s leaders on the eve of war to explore the underlying tensions and rivalries.

Run time: 06:46


1.3 The Slide To War

A fast-paced newscast charting the order and speed of events leading to the outbreak of war.

Run time: 01:54


1.4 Why Did Men Sign Up?

Was it just for ‘King and Country’? We explore why men were motivated to sign up, and why they kept fighting.

Run time: 04:21


1.5 Battle Of The Somme

General Sir Douglas Haig is in the spotlight to defend his strategy on the ill-fated first day of the Somme.

Run time: 04:21


1.6 Weapons In The Trenches

Our panel of judges consider which weapons would be most effective on the Western Front.

Run time: 06:07


1.7.1 Dulce Et Decorum Est

Explore the harsh realities of war with this iconic poem by Wilfred Owen

Run time: 01:17


1.7.2 The Soldier

Rupert Brooke delivers a more optimistic view on the soldiers' experience

Run time: 02:47