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3. Industrial Revolution

3.3 Slavery Abolition Debate


Lesson description

The slave trade brought gigantic profits into Britain and fuelled its mighty Empire. However, after decades of tireless campaigning by abolitionists, the slave trade across the British Empire came to a relatively abrupt end when the Slave Trade Act 1807 was passed. But why?

This lesson contains:

  • An exploration of the key characters and factors that led to the abolition of slavery, including William Wilberforce, Olaudah Equiano, the Quakers, and British economics.
  • A consideration of which of the characters and factors were the most responsible for bringing about the abolition of the slave trade across the British Empire.
  • An analysis of the role played by William Wilberforce in the abolitionist movement and whether he deserves as much credit as he receives for the abolition of the slave trade.