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Early Modern

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Topic Overview

Explore the powerful monarchs, religious movements and political tensions that defined the Early Modern ear.

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6.1 Tudors and Stuarts (In One Take)

From Henry VIII to William of Orange, we provide an exciting tour through Britain’s most iconic dynasties in six minutes.

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6.2 The Reformation

The official religion of the country was changing repeatedly, but was the public really so quick to make radical changes?

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6.3 Execution Of Charles I

Can our troubled protagonist bring himself to sign Charles I's death warrant?

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6.4 Oliver Cromwell's Repution

Join our investigative team as they dig up the reputation of one of Britain's most controversial figures.

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6.5 The Witch Craze

This was the age of reason, so why did it also witness a rash of trials and executions for witchcraft?

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