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7. Cold War

7.1 The Cold War (in One Take)

World leaders, including Joseph Stalin and Harry Truman, met to discuss post-war Europe and Germany’s future in the summer of 1945. What was the name of this conference?

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Lesson description

The dawn of the Cold War brought deadly technology, brutal wars, and fear across the globe. So hold tight as this lesson – and its musical ‘In One Take’ video – takes you on a high-octane tour across borders and through time, covering the entire history of the Cold War.

This lesson contains:

  • A detailed chronology of the key political events, wars, and characters that both fuelled and shaped the Cold War.
  • A look at the development of tensions between the US and the USSR from the end of World War Two and throughout the second-half of the 20th century.
  • An analysis of which events and developments had the greatest influence on the progression of the Cold War.