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Industrial Revolution

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Video Lessons


3.1 Industrial Revolution (in One Take)

A fascinating introduction to World War One, covering key events and individuals in a highly engaging video.

Run time: 13:19


3.2 Did Everyone Benefit?

Explore the impact of industrialisation on Britain's emerging class system.

Run time: 04:59


3.3 Slavery Abolition Debate

William Wilberforce, Thomas Clarkson and Olaudah Equiano stake their claim for bringing about the abolition of slavery.

Run time: 06:37


3.4 Why Did So Many Protest?

From the Luddites to the Suffragettes, we meet the protesters who made their voices heard in dangerous times.

Run time: 06:22


3.5 Britain’s Booming Empire

We explore the rise of the British Empire and consider how it was able to grow so quickly.

Run time: 03:50