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Investigating Henry VIII

We were delighted to produce an eight-part educational series all about Henry VIII for Historic Royal Palaces.

The series, ‘Tracey Tooley Investigates Henry VIII’, explores fascinating aspects of Henry VIII’s reign, including his relationships with his wives, advisers, children and rival monarchs.

Shot on location at Hampton Court Palace and the Tower of London, the series features Tudor England’s most iconic locations in a highly engaging series focused on Key Stage 3 History.

Tracey Tooley (Mona Lisa) snaps a selfie with Henry VIII at Hampton Court Palace.

The series is led by an intrepid go-getting presenter, Tracey Tooley (Mona Lisa), who has a tough assignment to interview Henry VIII himself. To this end, she meets with Henry’s queens, advisers and children to track him down!

The series was written in close collaboration with the HRP education team and we were delighted to work with Past Pleasures, who provided beautiful Tudor costumes for the full production.

Catherine of Aragon (Meg Salter) and Tracey Tooley (Mona Lisa) discuss Tudor politics at Hampton Court Palace.

The opportunity to film at such iconic buildings adds exceptional depth and authenticity to the series.

Watch the first episode here and find out more on the Historic Royal Palaces website.

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