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History Bombs Survey

The results are in!

This summer we asked Teachers and Homeschoolers with website memberships about their experiences using the History Bombs website.

Here are some highlights from the survey…

We were really pleased to see such a strong response from our members, reflecting high satisfaction with the standard of our video lessons and teaching materials.

This question had a 100% positive response! We were particularly delighted to see this result, as the fundamental aim of our history resources is to drive classroom engagement with all students.

We were really pleased to hear that all of our members would recommend History Bombs to others!

Additionally, we asked members for suggestions regarding new content and resources and here were some of your responses:

“The more the better. Weimar Republic, China and Mao, USA in the 20s, old favorites like the Battle of Hastings, Domesday book, so I am suggesting some KS3 and KS4…but you could look at KS5 . Causes of Russian Revolution, who could take over after Lenin are hugely theatrical topics that History Bombs would do brilliantly”

“I would love to see more development for KS4 and particular KS5 where engaging resources are very limited.”

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If you’d like to give us your feedback or ideas for new content, we’d be delighted to hear from you!

Please email [email protected] with your thoughts and comments.

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