World War 2 Atomic Bomb Debate | KS3 & GCSE History | History Bombs

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2.5 Atomic Bomb Debate


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Lesson description

While Britain, France, and the USSR celebrated peace in Europe after Germany’s surrender in May 1945, the US’ war with Japan raged on until August. This lesson tackles the US’ controversial decision to drop two atomic bombs on Japan to bring the war to an end.

This lesson contains:

  • An analysis and debate of the US’ controversial decision to drop the first atomic bombs on Japan, to bring about the end of World War Two, in August 1945.
  • The chronology of events covering the US’ involvement in World War Two and leading up to the decision to drop their newly-developed atomic bombs on Japan.
  • The vocabulary and terminology necessary to study the US’ involvement in World War Two and the development of the atomic bombs with confidence.

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